Reviews for "endeavor"


I liked this game alot, it was so captivating and original!!! Keep making games like this and you are bound to be the best!


This game is awesome and the end is crazy I feel bad.


if you have this so called great treasure, then why the hell has no one been able to get it? seriously. just cause i know where the bank is, doesn't mean it all belongs to me. jesus christ. papa, you're a dumbass. god rest your soul.
ok ok ok. i know. whatever. good game. thank you, goodnight.

Zillix responds:

Haha yes, the premise of "get the sword that is inexplicably out of reach" is a little shaky. But hopefully the journey was fun!


Deep and very long, as it obviously takes cues from Legend of Zelda games.


this is an amazing game, i like all the endings, the stuff yoou can get in the world below, and for short, i liked all!!!