Reviews for "endeavor"

a very well done job...however

i give 10 for it all as it is unique and very good however i have stumbled upon what i think is an error:upon collecting the 11 gems i step into the light and ascend but i reach a rock and when i go around that rock i can't go any further!

Zillix responds:

Thanks for playing!
That's not actually a bug, it's just to keep you from going offscreen. You can reach the area you started from just by going to the left. Go check out the chest!


I like it, it has more than one way to finish and a really good storyline.


How to kill?


just epicness 1 ending that i know once u get destruction power and find the fruit of youth STOP colecting gems otherwise ur helping the bad guy and u get a in my sense a bad ending if

ive been playing this all day without getting bore

of course i took regular breaks, but i mean WOOOOOW this game is soooo entertaining! its action and movement retro style never gets boring! more then 1 endings made me so eager to discover the truth! i now got all medals except over achiever! but the medal score reward is so low... getting all the endings should be 100 not 25 only! but still,amazing!