Reviews for "endeavor"

An incredible, complex, nuanced game that combines branching paths and a feeling of real adventure with beautiful 8-bit environments and a story that I won't forget any time soon. It really gives you a sense of being able to explore the world at your leisure and do what you please, pursuing whatever goals you deem worthy of your attention. Endeavor is a wonderful experience, and I would reccommend it to anyone, truly exhibiting the potential inherent in the platform of Flash. I sincerely hope that Zillix goes on to create experiences on par with this one.

One of the best ever mate! good job! I love it with the mutliple endings!

10/10 best game ever

how do you get the savage medal? By killing everyone? this was fun. I knew there was gonna be a plot twist and the voice was bad and i tried changing my ending by the secret gy but i already got all the gems for him. =(

A very nice game.
I wish it went on forever