Reviews for "endeavor"


Had this come out say 20 years ago then it would have been remembered along the same lines as Zelda and Mario.
Beautiful and well set out maps, fun gameplay. Just all round perfect.

One word to describe this game.....

Superawesomeamazingultimatebestgameev er!!!!


I liked thaty there was no threat because then I could absorb the story. 1 question though, can you beat the game for the hero ending without the fruit of youth?

What a great game.

At first glance this game didn't look like much but I really enjoyed playing it and like that it takes longer than a few minutes to beat. The story does sort of reminded of Shadow of the Colossus. I don't know if you had that in mind when you made this game but great game anyway.


I like this game, just do what you want, dont listen to others prove that you can do it Dwarf!!!