Reviews for "Belial Chapter 2"


This game is good because its original and Ihavent playd a original game in a long time

Just Unespected

I thought that after about an year of "abusing" newgrounds (expecially for playing) I was found all the good stuff... this game by Kongregate (that has done many other good projects) surprise me.
It's ironic, some kind original, it works fine and it's very well drowed and animated. ps: sorry for the poor english

Awesome Game

Speed badge works. Maybe you're broken or just slow guy below me? :D

Like how the items auto find their own spot unlike pt. 1

Well animated. Look forward to the next hell!


the speed demon badge is broken!

I like it!

make the next one, please! is he in the next game then baal or turn into his true form, baal or what? and what happened with satan after the fight?