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Reviews for "Belial Chapter 2"

Walkthrough ~

Fusebox Code - 4312
There are two fuses in the elevator. When you get them, use your wings to fly up and get the other two fuses. Also, the key is in the lever. Pull the red lever and the gold key should pop out.

Icebox Code - 629
The icebox is in the Hotel Chill. If you look in the mirror you can see Cresil's shirt. It kind of looks like "g5a" but it's really "629". In the box you'll find the blueprints for the hockey stick.

Color Code - Yellow, Blue, Green.

Hope this helps.

the code for the fusebox is

4312 and the walkthrough sucks you just had to be an asshole and link it to youtube srsly there should never ever be a link when you click the video that pauses it

HAHAHA! Trick for a winning game

If you have a english computer right click and continously click forward and YAY!

Winned the game!


yellow, blue, green


the code is 629 for the icebox and the color code is yellow,blue,and green.