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Reviews for "Belial Chapter 2"


all medals bizzzzznatches lol fun game man i agree tho i wanna see the trasformation into Baal

Ooh daddly like evil demonz!

Seriously though I loved this game but before I go into the review I see the army of Fulp just blasted another Black Market Troll off the comments. Thank you oh vigilant warriors who guard our sanctum of sacrilege!

Ahem, with that over, I just wanted to say that I played this game and found it to be quite the intriguing story. Being a fan of point and click games (and Diablo) I really liked the various mechanics going on and how they worked together. The story though is the best part of it and I can't wait to see how Belial's evolution (or something like that) to Baal is going to play out. I would suggest keeping the fork collection, or something similar, and maybe bringing back the kill count from the first Belial in some way for the third installment.

But that's my only suggestion. I'll be waiting expectantly for Belial 3.


"HELL" yeah xD

got all medals

pinoy man



unoriginal and sloppy, not my kind of game