Reviews for "Belial Chapter 2"


Great game keybol, I'm glad you got the whole thing with the guy submitting your game early sorted out!

keybol responds:

Thank you too for reporting that game, it's a community effort.

GREAT game...

... as with the other game, of course.
These Belial games are among my absolute favorite flash games, just like LiLg's Reincarnation series.
Keep up the fantastic work.

Good game!

History was great! Also the gameplay. I played Chapter 1, I found it slitghly harder than the 2nd Chapter, but this one was way better than the first one. I laughed at the end, the hairy dude talking about some misterious secret of life and Belial paying more attention to the figure in the back of this dude... I wonder, will it be a 3rd chapter? Cause that'd be awesome! I guess it will be :)
One thing I would've like to see it's an option to change quality, my crappy computer sometimes frezeed because of the awesome action in this flash :s
A lil hint when breaking the color code, check the surfers on the beach. What colors are they wearing?


cant wait for the next one :D

Walkthrough ~

Fusebox Code - 4312
There are two fuses in the elevator. When you get them, use your wings to fly up and get the other two fuses. Also, the key is in the lever. Pull the red lever and the gold key should pop out.

Icebox Code - 629
The icebox is in the Hotel Chill. If you look in the mirror you can see Cresil's shirt. It kind of looks like "g5a" but it's really "629". In the box you'll find the blueprints for the hockey stick.

Color Code - Yellow, Blue, Green.

Hope this helps.