Reviews for "Why this?"

Could be better

".Loneliness." was much better, in my opinion. I love games that play with our emotions like these. Timer is too long, should at least provide an option to mute the music so we can open another game in a different window. More effort could have gone into the story, which could then appeal to a broader audience. Keep making games like these, they're good, and people like them for the easy medals, and the emotions.

What happens when the timer hits 0

To get the Rabbit #8 Medal, wait out the timer. It starts at 97000, and it seems like it shouldn't be more than a few minutes, but it's actually over an entire hour of waiting. I give game this a 6, since it gives me 105 medal points, it has beautiful piano music, and it is confusing. The secret medal isn't very secret, the non-secret one is a little trickier to find. However, the piano music often makes me think of all the friends in my life who've left me, and how I may never see them again. It makes me feel profound sorrow, and I feel as if I'm stuck, not wanting to live but not wanting to die, either. Just unborn.


the graphics are kinda good the game kinda lags you might want to mkae sure the timer doesnt have so much time on it try shortaning to maybe 3 minutes instead of 79000 or something like that it was a good game but not alot of fun(sorry) but i loved the music so try to change some of the stuff and make the game less laggy and maybe put in a plot or something so people will injoy the game rather then walking in one direction and eventually throwing yourself off a cliff i hope this helps make the game better.

Why this?

Why did they give this game medals in the first place?

-No challenge
-No story
-No SKIP button
-No explanation of why this happens

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Thees gaem is wierd lol, I no undirstend, sory