Reviews for "Why this?"

Good work

Well done. I like the game, but I miss a little more to the story. But very deep. Good work ugolegend94.

EventHorizon responds:


sad :(

I like the games in pixel art and I liked the story of the game, the music was perfect!

EventHorizon responds:

Thanks NewSoul!

Good game but needs work.

It's a lovely game, I really liked the theme but I was expecting more. The music was awesome too :)
The art is poor (the house, the earth, the shading) but I liked the sprite style, the walking speed was slow, when he spoke or thought it would be nice if the text was shown in the game instead of a black screen.
I really liked this game!

EventHorizon responds:

Thanks for your review, the character is moving slowly because the game is short to play more then I have slowed down the move.


This is a truly emotional and beautiful game, short, but deep...
Well done ugolegend94

EventHorizon responds:

thanks, I'm glad you liked it.