Reviews for "Why this?"

You could chooset any other techniques not pixel "art". It would been even more effective.

whats the secret medal?grate game any way

Well, I think it should not be here in the Art Game page.
I think that the fact that this game is completely drawn with the mouse
would have been interesting if you had more work in it.

The music is great, but, it's not going to save this game.

And the movement part is just...
Well, another part that you should have paid more attention i think.

And the countdown idea, it would have been better if we didn't have to way that much.

Wait the countdown over for a surprise @_@

Must be. Well AFK on that countdown thingy and check out what happens ;p

This game is really slow, not at all challenging, and a huge waste of time. I hate that you have to wait for like an HOUR to get one of the achievements. Great music though.

Include a mute button so when people are waiting to get the Tic Toc achievement, they can go do something else for an hour.