Reviews for "Why this?"

It's a parody so good most couldn't even see it's a parody. It's also sad, that there are enough games like this to make people think it's not a parody.
Why this?

Who is this guy? Who is his wife (I'm assuming that's his wife. Might be his girlfriend, fiancee, or a close friend or family member...)? What was his motive for shooting her if he's the type of person who would feel guilty enough about it to kill himself? Explain! I'm critiquing this on story because this is obviously story-driven and therefore needs to have a compelling story to be entertaining. It does not. Nothing is explained.

This game is so realistic and deep, you can even do a funny dance while throwing yourself off a cliff.
Amanda, i'm that guy from memento, i'm so sorry for killing you.

Amanda, my legs, they have a walking animation when i'm standing still.

Amanda the grave timer goes through my face when i jump.

a gun?

Why this? Why are there invisible walls behind me?

My lovely house...

Why this? Why did my handgun make a anime cannon sound?

Why this? Why do all the characters in your games kill themselves, EventHorizon?
Can your pretentiousness be measured? Is this art? 2 frame graphics and a sad piano looping itself in the background?

Why this? I ask myself whenever i try to review one of your games,,,,,, because i know,,,,, it will always be the same,,,, sigh sigh i tell myself.

And now only the total darkness
Why this?

100% completion walkthrough.
1. Hold down D and pretend it's an extremely short video with writing that's so juvenile even the title has you thinking "Oh boy, one of THOSE ones".
2. Start the game and then do something else for 40 minutes.

This game deserves nothing positive.

Sorry but this really isn't good. I found the story to be predictable, and the person walks pretty slow, which doesn't add to anything. The 8-bit style works for somethings but for this i feel like it was just an easier thing to do then drawing or making better sprites. Also why only WSAD controls? My other complaint is the timer. One what is with the timing system? Its not relative to actual seconds as I knew by comparing it to my watch, in which i found it takes about 3 second for the hundreds slot to change by 1. Then I calculated how long the timer would take and it was about 40 minutes.... Ok why? I mean I understand waiting for like 5 or 10 minutes but 40? My only compliment is your choice of music which does sound nice, but a mute button would have been nice so I could easily do something else while waiting for the medal. This could have been better if more effort was put into this.