Reviews for "Why this?"

What is 100 point medal?

Can someone please pm to me if they know how to get the madal TIC TAC. I would really appricated it.


The story is very simple, though incoherent. We don't get a whole lot of information and though things not being spelled out is the bread and butter of art games, the writing is poor, even accounting for the language gap. I am sure that it wouldn't be hard to find a person willing to correct and perhaps suggest things about the story.

It is better looking than any but Robot Heart and that it has three controls rather than left and right. The backdrops are lovely looking, especially for being mouse-drawn, however, the characters seen in this do not have this same detail. In spite of this, the backdrop looks very standard and like a great deal of your other games.

The conceit of this cannot really hold up as art-it's simply a short, incoherent story. The two positive things I can say is that you chose great music and the backdrops look like they took some effort-but that looks like it's the only thing you put any real thought into.

I give this no stars for a few reasons, all falling under sheer laziness.

The character played has a lazy design, as does the Amanda character. The direction does not seem to have anything in mind than "go right", an issue with all of your games but Robot Heart.

Likewise, the music was reused in a number of your games-way to advertise a good piece but it is wasted here and does not, in my opinion really fit. It sounds innocent and there is none of that here. The bit of sound design is... okay. The segue from title piece to main leitmotif is painless, well done on that if that is your work.

The controls are very simple, with left right and jump, which is already more advanced than 90% of your games but with the bog standards of what this "game" calls for does not actually call for the jump. It's unneeded and that says plenty about this game. They work good though, at least.

I was going to give stars for the effort in the backdrop (which I will give you this: it does look good) but this whole thing just reeks of laziness. Zero stars from me.

Not Bad

Game Is Too Short And A Little Boring But He Has Spent For Labor...

My Rating 5/10


short, point less, and no real reword


It's 6, one for the game, 5 for the music.