Reviews for "Bomboozle 2"


Wow, this had me stuck for hours!
Any plans for a third one?

Megadev responds:

We'd love to make a third game, but we're going to be moving on to some new concepts for at least the next few months. We're always open to feedback though, so if there's anything you'd like to see in Bomboozle 3 (working title ;-) ) then just send us a message via NG!

Another thing you could update.

The amount of bombs, skulls, and rainbows needed to fill their respective pots. I mean, I've played this game 30 times, and not once have I been able to even USE any of the powers from the white, rainbow, and black pots. Since the bombs, skulls, and rainbows appear at a lower rate, you could cut the amount needed to fill them down to fifty, perhaps?

Otherwise Keep up the good work. 10/10

Megadev responds:

Ah yes, well those last three pots are very hard to fill indeed as their respective powers are very useful, so it kind of balances out really. I'd be pretty amazed if you could fill any of those pots in either Timed or 100 Moves mode, but it's certainly possible in casual if you can survive long enough. Cheers for the feedback and good luck in getting those last pots filled!

great game

I enjoyed the visuals and the music was nice...the exploding effect when you match blobs is nice too...I have just one question... "You killed teh treasure"

Is "teh" intentional or a typo...

Megadev responds:

That is intentional, sorry - I think it's because our iPhone coder always spells "the" as "teh", and I couldn't resist putting it in there. Not sure if he's being ironic or what - I will find out!

original? i dont think so

tons of fun? hell yeah

Almost Perfect

I would have given it a 10 if not for one little error. If you run out of moves you can't use your powers to help you out. Just something that bothered me as I got a game over with a couple bonuses left unused. Other than that it is a very good, very original game.

Megadev responds:

Ah, I don't think Newgrounds have processed the update yet - try again later today and hopefully the new version will be up. You might have to clear your browser's cache and then refresh the page, but I expect it'll be a few hours before they put the latest version up anyway, which is 0.5.6 - you can check this in the credits screen. Thanks for letting me know!