Reviews for "Mystic's Shore"

This is incredibly beautiful, Jordi. I'm constantly blown away by your voice, your versatility, your compositions and how you seem to effortlessly flow between different languages in each of your songs. Unbelievable!

This song is so lovely and your voice is sounds heavenly. The mix is great, and the layering of all the instruments is great. The way that you use the harmonization of the vocals is very tasteful and augments texture, both expanding it when the harmony begins and leaving your voice stronger when it stops.

Very well done, and good luck in the group stage!

Very delicate and harmonious, but also groovy and catchy; delightfully not passive.

5/5 - Would use in classic Disney animation during scene where protagonist contemplates journey's hardships.

I'm sorry for being a total freak but I really fan girl over you -,-

etherealwinds responds:

Hahaha thank you!

I started liking this track until the vocals kicked in to be honest. Perhaps an instrumental version of this is in order?

etherealwinds responds:

I'm primarily a vocalist, so I prefer to create vocal/instrumental works. I keep instrumental works aside for projects like games in the future! ^_~ Thanks for listening!