Reviews for "Mystic's Shore"

This is an NGADM Round 4 review.


Whether you've achieved an authentic Chinese atmosphere or not in this track is something I wouldn't be able to say myself. I don't listen to Chinese music (not because I don't like it - I've just never had the opportunity to listen to actual Chinese music). Whatever the case, what I can say is that the atmosphere in this blew my face off. Wonderful work with the soundscape-building, and the melodies are just touching and beautiful (with cadences that are pretty characteristic to your style haha).

The way the instruments worked together at the beginning and how they started picking up at 1:10 is just masterful. And let me get this straight - you've been composing with a DAW for a few months? I don't know where I read that or if it's even true, but if it is, you're probably god. Oh and amazing singing, voice made of the finest honey, blahblahblah.

The most apparent issue is that unfortunately your voice is too upfront once again! You give a lot of attention to your instruments, ambience and all that, and the vocal layers that differ both harmonically and rhythmically drive the song forward perfectly, but the balance is a little wack, making this not as enveloping as it should have been, and occasionally a bit empty. The electronic ambience at the beginning is a bit loud, just like the vocals.

Also, the drums feel unfortunately a bit underpowered. For a song like this, a more definable beat during the busier sections (something like ProudAardvark's excellent percussive work in this track - http://goo.gl/GgjQlq) would have been more impressive. As long as you don't milk it and end up messing up the subtle atmosphere, drums like those would have been such a great addition (although maybe not fitting well with the "authentic Chinese music" premise).

This is incredibly well-made. By far my favourite of yours, despite the levelling issues and the underpowered percussion. Truly brilliant work.

Score: 9.6/10

etherealwinds responds:

Thank you for the review! Yeah it took a few listens for me to realise that I'd probably mixed my vocals in a little loudly. My ears go strange after I've heard a song and my voice so many times over and over again haha! I got FL Studio 9 as my first DAW a little earlier this year and it took some getting used to. In fact, I'm not even sure how to create drum loops such as the ones you've linked. I still have so much to learn, although I remember years and years ago I had an FL Studio trial my dad used to mess around on and making drum loops was the only thing I did on it. That was back when it was called Fruity Loops though haha! Long time ago.

So glad you liked it and really, thank you! :)

Awesome track man! I had to listen to it a lot of times to notice all the details. Great athmosphere with all the flute, synth, erhu and plucked instruments. I really liked that you tried to express the mystical feeling of the hidden nirvana - and you did well! I am feeling like i were in the himalaya - the roof of the world. The track never gets boring and is very entertaining. Extreme that you even sung in mandarin. I think this excessive focus on details shows the difference between just talented people and whats called calling. You are an awesome musician with much potential and i think you will evolve great! Best wishes :D

etherealwinds responds:

^__^ I'm so happy you liked it. I can't wait until a little bit further into the future when I can go and travel myself. It'll do wonders for my soul and my music! That means a lot coming from the King of detail! All the very best to you Chris and thank you!

Just as the title says, there is a very mystical feel to it :) And fantastic voice as always! 5* without a doubt.

etherealwinds responds:

Thank you lots and lots :)

god dammit this is so perfect jordi just incredible soundscapes

etherealwinds responds:

oh runey ya lil cutie, thank you ^_^

You really can sing, winds... man, what to say that nobody had said already. You sure should get points for singing in other languages! For me is already dificult to sing in english and you come in singing in mandarin!! I'm really impressed :)

etherealwinds responds:

It sure was a tough language to take on but hopefully I pulled it off just about. Thank you! :)