Reviews for "Mystic's Shore"

Gorgeous instrumentation EW, like woah. I'm a sucker for Asian music. And the choice of instruments just compliment dat honey voice; I love anything with an erhu and I swear I smelled a zheng or two in there. Also! Awesome atmospheres, especially at the end. Like the winds on a mountain top or sumdin. I was humming this song to myself as I made toaster strudels this evening

etherealwinds responds:

Thank you Phoamz, that's really sweet of you to say! Actually there's no guzheng, but there is a pipa which is somewhat similar in sound. I actually own an erhu, I've just gotta find someone who can play it to help me get started with it! Thank you for the review and I loved your Round 4 track! <3

Great job, EW. As I've mentioned before, Asian music is only second to Celtic for me, so this was an excellent listen.

The ambiance that you have starting the piece (and panning left to right) is almost a bit too loud. For me, it detracts from the more moving section as it plays the opening themes.

Again, great job and good luck with this round!

etherealwinds responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticism, it means a lot! All the best to you and thanks very much :)

i think ive reached nirvana awesome track dude
asian music pawns western music anytime
i love the atmosphere and those gongs are lovely :) and as always awesome singing

good luck in this round dude

etherealwinds responds:

that's awesome! ;D thank you steamp! good luck to you too!

Wow.....you can really sing even in Mandarin....well, only one suggestion/complaint..... when you switch from english to mandarin for the first time, the mandarin voice mix is a little low... :) peace and keep making music my friend...

etherealwinds responds:

That's intentional! ^_^ The Mandarin is supposed to be more of a backing feature to accompany the English parts. I originally intended to have a choir of people singing the Chinese parts, but time constraints didn't allow that to happen! Thank you :)