Reviews for "Mystic's Shore"

i think ive reached nirvana awesome track dude
asian music pawns western music anytime
i love the atmosphere and those gongs are lovely :) and as always awesome singing

good luck in this round dude

etherealwinds responds:

that's awesome! ;D thank you steamp! good luck to you too!

Just as the title says, there is a very mystical feel to it :) And fantastic voice as always! 5* without a doubt.

etherealwinds responds:

Thank you lots and lots :)

Awesome track man! I had to listen to it a lot of times to notice all the details. Great athmosphere with all the flute, synth, erhu and plucked instruments. I really liked that you tried to express the mystical feeling of the hidden nirvana - and you did well! I am feeling like i were in the himalaya - the roof of the world. The track never gets boring and is very entertaining. Extreme that you even sung in mandarin. I think this excessive focus on details shows the difference between just talented people and whats called calling. You are an awesome musician with much potential and i think you will evolve great! Best wishes :D

etherealwinds responds:

^__^ I'm so happy you liked it. I can't wait until a little bit further into the future when I can go and travel myself. It'll do wonders for my soul and my music! That means a lot coming from the King of detail! All the very best to you Chris and thank you!

This has such a soothing vibe all throughout; ancient, mysterious, and otherworldly like the mystical lands of Shambala or Tír na nÓg. An excellent portrayal of that ultimate state of being and oneness, Nirvana. I suppose such levels of enlightenment can be like going to another location, a plane of existence both higher and further away, yet still tethered to the earthly domain if only for a little while. Some chills were definitely had, and I always love when that happens. And here you're singing beautifully in Mandarin, as well. Of course, because that's just how you roll. You ridiculously talented bugger, you. ;)

I would personally prefer a little less volume on that ethereal pad at the beginning of the song, but that's a purely personal preference. Possibly. Probably. Whoops, I got kind of carried away with words starting with the letter P. Pardon.

I apologize for the lateness of this review, and I won't toss some silly "I've been too busy" excuse out because those are always bullshit anyway. I suppose, in all honesty, I have felt more strongly about losing than I really thought I would. I have no regrets or anything like that, but you know...melancholy and whatnot. It's a thing. I still love you and your work just as much as ever, and I just want you to know that.

You have managed to create yet another thoroughly haunting song, and I congratulate you on such an incredible feat. You're like a runaway freight train of musical goodness, Jordi. Best of luck to you as this crazy contest continues! ^__^

etherealwinds responds:

Haha my instinct when it comes to leveling truly sucks. No level-ups for me anytime soon! ^_~ thank you for once again a lovely review. I do truly appreciate your words and I'm glad you liked it!

Very delicate and harmonious, but also groovy and catchy; delightfully not passive.

5/5 - Would use in classic Disney animation during scene where protagonist contemplates journey's hardships.