Reviews for "Night of the Sciurus"

I loved it

i really love this it was really like some real horror movie i could really see a actual movie like this great job man

Damn funny.

The best part was obviously that sex scene. Make a part 2!

This is like, a horror flick parody of some Disney cartoon.

Slackman responds:

I wouldn't expect to see part 2 for awhile. I'm going to tackle a few less all-consuming projects before I can even face down a Chipsy part deux.


It's about bloody time the psychopathic murderer made good on his his perfect timing. I can't even begin to guess how many slasher movies i've seen where he just straight up kills the bitch. that was refreshing.

Graphic, Yes, Funny? No. Creepy? Eh...

Sorry, but it was alright.

Nice job.

Nice job. Very entertaining.