Reviews for "Night of the Sciurus"

That was great.

At first, it wasn't really that good. The first two deaths weren't really that gruesome or anything. Then it just got better. I laughed so hard at the last death. Was never expecting that to happen.

Not very funny or amusing

First off the park is still open yet we see no visitors anywhere. Not saying you had to animate 50 people just for realism but at least a family shocked at chipsy getting his butt whooped or maybe a couple leaving as the group entered. Wtf is chipsy made of? Freaking buns of steel. He gets his nuts wailed on and a trash can thrown at his chest yet he somehow manages to get up unscathed and kill his abusers? Not surprised the black guy died first but am kinda worried that none of his friends heard him fall and splatter on the ground. The graphics are nice but this seems rushed. Every scene had at least one problem That stood out like a sore thumb. I'm not looking forward to a sequel


Learn and respect

What is this I don't even.....

Lol. You successfully made me wtf.


assholes should have payed the 40 bucks lol