Reviews for "Night of the Sciurus"


"ultimate hudini"


i really like this. Nice homer simpson ape in the bedroom and half kang/kodos half zoidberg alien.


ive lost faith in the front page for a while.
the animation was kinda sub par. you didn't spend a lot of time on making any of the actual main characters look good aside from maybe the stoner chick but props on the freddie reference i guess? i mean the only well drawn person really was chipy's face. and normally a half way decent sex scene will exonerate an animation for me... this was beyond saving for me. the worst part is to me is that this took 12 megs to upload. I'm not denying you worked hard on this as i'm sure you did. and i congratulate you for that. you probably put more effort into this than most people do when they submit to the portal. but this was just... no good to me. sorry.


That is pretty much what happens in Slasher films. The group splits up, all get taken down 1 by 1.


FREAKING FUNNY, the azzh0les deserved it 2