Reviews for "Night of the Sciurus"

Excellent parody

The structure of more or less every slasher flick tied into one, without establishing the killer's past, creating the sense of tension that cultivates into the HE'S BEHIND YOU MOMENT which ensures us that the character on screen will not be in the sequel (and there will be lots of them!), or trying to convince us that the characters can act.

The characters meet the victim stereotypes; the vain jock, dumb blonde slut, stoner, ethnic first victim and nerd (perhaps not so much the nerd but it's fun to pick on them all the same).
There is no plucky heroine/hero, usually a hippy. Instead all the characters are established right off the bat as a bunch dick-sniffers who you wet yourself with the anticipation of the possibly ironic way they get butchered.
In short the film cuts tight into the meaty flesh of the genre.

The animation in at times fluent and at others not. For example when Vain jock is conversing with the ticket guy, there is not emotion or stimulus beyond the mouth movement. This is always a bad move, as it just looks lazy. Imagine if people did that in real life, outside conversing with Blockbluster employees who have lost the will to continue their lackluster existence.

The music was clear and didn't over shadow everything on screen. It also fit the mood at the time; it's always good to see when people have worked at the audio.
Speaking of audio, the voices too sounded well done and clear. However their voices sounded quiet blad and emotionless, though I'm taking that as another knock at the slasher genre. It's sounds better when paper thin characters are portrayed in 2D, rather than in real life.

In short, a fun little film to kick of the halloween season. Like Scary Movie, only in Flash and hopefully without the endless knock off's (now with 50% less humour and more MTV).

Slackman responds:

Wow! Thanks for the in-depth review! Most of this I agree with.

In defense of the "lazy" animation, in an era where so many cartoons are talking head shorts I felt it was forgivable to occasionally toss in some animation that wasn't quite as impressive. Indeed, I could have taken it a little further, but I didn't feel that it hurt the animation as a whole, especially because so much of it was pretty damn complex.

Cliche after cliche!

Dont split up, colored die first, drugs =death, and lets not forget no nookie and hurting someone and not making sure they are dead!

At first I was kinda disturbed.

But as the movie progresses you find out that those assholes who beat the shit out of the poor mascot get there just desserts. It's funny too how the characters are your average teenage pricks, the jock, the blonde, the black, the stoner, etc. and they learn there lesson.

Great movie! Even if it has little do with halloween

Moral of this story: Don't fuck with the weaklings they'll always get there revenge in the dn.

o my god!

first i thinked whats wrong with these teens? but then i see the guy in his squirrel costume taking revange. awesome video!

Wow that was really fucked up.

It's like Loony Toons meets Friday 13th. Good animation and twisted humor. It's a bit much at some points, but it's definitely worth checking out.