Reviews for "Night of the Sciurus"

I Agree With @DarkTamer666. I Found The Egg Too!

I agree he should've keeped the blond as a sex slave. I didn't like the blonds voice... more dittsy less Italian bronx. The stoner was killed off to quickly, you should of let her finish her joint first and read a little bit from the book. I saw a recoreder and Necronomicon (or somthing close to it) so im assuming woods, cabin... evil dead... you should of let her try to summon something by reading the latin or Klato Barada Nikto then right in the middle of nikto (right on Nik)then bash her head. Animation was good, every one elses voice fit there character except the blond... you wanna keep the voice give her black hair.

Damn, the end was fucked up

Should have kept the dumb blond as a sex slave.

JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i completely sympathize with the squirrel dude.