Reviews for "Wings of Genesis"

Good Job!

Awesome Game But Make Movement Abit More Complicated :)

5 Rating
9 Stars

I liked it

I liked the game overall, only problem I had was that the movements seemed a little sluggish. When I moved my mouse up it took a moment for the Spirit Monster to move up. Not really a problem, but hard when I'm trying to escape the sea of bubbles, and shots.


press A then L then T on the map then type in longcat then play a level...

Really nice

It took me 2h to complete it and it was great. 50 nights = 50 deaths.

What I didn't like:
Pausing the game while a boss fight can easily kill yourself, maybe use a little countdown, just as in Guitar Hero.
Sometimes my mouse was stuck and I got killed, but I think that was due to freeze.
The leveling could be a bit faster, maybe 5% more exp./enemy, since I don't want to play this game again.
In the beginning I spent all my crystals into the beast and bought lifepotions only before the last level.
These were still minor things.
The graphics weren't that great in my mind, but the figures itself, in the first line the beasts were really well designed.
Oh yeah, the story:
more like: power rangers with dragons and an emporer but wtf! :)

Huge time Waster!

I finished this game 3 times already.............
Don't play this game if you have important things to do lol
you will not be able to do anything but play till you finish it.....

-my advice is to play at sunset forest to get lucky 4 leaf to make lady luck it increase drop rate by 30%! get 2 for 60% drop rate increase of current drop rate.
then hunt for items needed for your built.

Other hunting
- places harpy island for gaia vest
-moon drop forest for arcane

there is a BIG button that says strategy guide from what I have seen from reviews some people didn't see it.......

my built was Gelyan Tiamat Soul Blossom look in strategy guide for info..
But mine was different I choose 2 arcane rings instead to drain even more MP!
and do many soul blossoms.
I can kill zodiac memory in less than 1 minute with soul blossoms just use time
and finish zodiac space less than 2 minutes
It is best to use gaia vest in zodiac space or else zodiac memory will kill you in 1 hit or just spam 4 time chrono matter and zodiac memory will die before he can move.