Reviews for "Wings of Genesis"

like it but ...

its a pretty good idea to make a 2d sidescroll rpg but there is no difference between all levels okay some nemys would change but there is nothing which keep me amused for a long time so its only a 6 / 10


I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for this! I was a HUGE fan of Ge.Ne.Sis, and have been waiting what seems an eternity for the sequel! You don't cease to impress, awesome game! Still gotta say, it's hard to top the original :)


Just like the original, absurdly challenging, with a huge difficulty gap between normal and hard that means that the game is very different each time round as tactics have to change. The different characters also add depth an re playability. The music is one of those rare scores that doesn't get boring or repetitive and all factors of the game are very well made and balanced. However, as I said, this game can be impossibly hard, even on normal so beware rage quitters.

nice game

The evolutions and rpg scheme really adds to the gameplay, but the game gets a little repetitive too fast.


Brings me back to the Dragoon Rider Series. Personally my Favorite was Dragoon Rider Orta for the Xbox and Dragoon Rider Legends I think.