Reviews for "Wings of Genesis"


hmm. It's really good but it gets boring too easily.

Wonderful game

Its a great game with an interesting plot. The variety of evolutions your beast could have adds more re playability.

Good game

Great game I loved the evolution aspect of it mostly it keeps you busy and makes the game more interesting

Very good game.

Awesome game
Great creature evolution and skills
Interesting items
Cool character "classes"
Great gameplay and progression, though a little quick.

But you need to hide the damn mouse during the levels!

Hoping there's a sequel in the works!

The End

I really liked the game, nice graphics, good music amd all. I liked the story and all, but I didn't get the end. Is there just one ending or there depending of the character or difficulty the ending changes? I mean, I selected Gelyan and the end was...kind of...strange....well, it was a bad ending so, ... it's the only ending?