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Reviews for "Jack Matthews"

Random and Funny

For one minute I was thinking "Ow, now he's gonna aim and shoot in the terrorist head and save the day". BUT NOOOO .. Jack totally surprised me, so congratulations. You deserve my ten.

Good work!


Once the gun is out of battery and he blows away, I can't help but to smile big.
It's just so f**king awesome.

Why pray to god? I WILL PRAY TO ONEY! >:|


short, simple, funny and as awesome as ever, keep up the great work


Haha that was hilarious, I loved it! 10/10!!

ROFL ftw!

If a game had action nearly as ridiculous as this intro, it could easily be a cult classic. The side-scrolling areal plane chase using his gun as a rocket be amazor.

Great work, hilarious, ridiculous, and slightly reminiscent of the recent A-Team movie.

Oney responds:

basically it was like this...
1st level was top down shooter dodging shit the terrorists were throwing from the plane, then they unleash a massive robot that starts fucking missiles and lasers. you defeat him by punching his missiles back at him and you get his laser arm
2nd level was a side scrolling beat em up exactly like streets of rage
when you finally find obama you jump outta the plane which explodes with his wife still inside and the 3rd level is the opposite of the first coming down.