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Reviews for "Jack Matthews"

Oh my.

omg this is a game why cant i have sex with the wife??

Oney responds:

shes dead :(

fucking blurr effect

that fancy fucking blurr effect f*ked up my nvidia, thank you. The animation isn't bad and it isn't awful because of the lack of details but because of sense of humour. A fucking burned girl isn't funny, not because it may be offensive for someone who met a girl and then that girl died carbonized, it isn't just funny. The game would have been funny

Very Cool

Very nice, I dont understand why you say its crappy animation.
it was Very well done! A perfect amount of humor. I like the gun transition showing the name of the game. Epic music, matched it perfectly. This wouldve been a great game! Keep doing what your doing man, we need more people like you on this site. 5/5 10/10

Oney responds:

aw thanks G <3

Your animations never gets old

Because they are alwaays funny!

Great Fun!

Short and sweet...and twisted