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Reviews for "Jack Matthews"

short but EPIC

wow i enjoyed every single frame >:D:

+perfect animation
+funny script
+awesome voice acting
+funny end xD

P.S ooooeeney!!!

Oney responds:



Rofl mode is h4x! hoowah!

Now go and make Leo&Satan III you irish spank monkey

L4D reference?

Funny as heck, man. This should be a series. Why don't you work on it? I'm a plotwriter. I can give you a hand.


another great animation oney very funny but uhh...i waited actually MORE than 1 month and leo and satan 3 hasn't come out i know your mac crashes over your inpatientness but just be patient and actually make the flash you lazy fucker you have a fanbase to feed and you should feed it so stop putting your thumb up your ass and get to work fat scumbag.

Oney responds:

im sorry bb!!!!!!!


Love how random that gun is. Too bad Matthews fell and died.

That's what happens if you throw away such an uber gun!