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Reviews for "Jack Matthews"

This project feels unfinished.

It seems (to me at least) that you planned on adding more to this when you were making it, but lost interest or time and just slapped on the shield and the guy falling to his death. However, I did like what saw and your recent flashes are ALOT better than your older ones in terms of animation and art. Just write and plan out a complete story before you start your project. It helps with keeping things consistent.

(Also yes I know all of my flashes p much go completely against what my review said, but they are all over a year old.)

Oney responds:

well yeah this is just the intro to what was gonna be a pretty big game. i doubt I'll ever finish it :O



Who says this should be the next Newgrounds wide game project that totally rocks ass?



to bad...

i would like to play a game like this


2 years ago? Obama wasn't a president 2 years ago...And ur animation style wasn't THAT good since u created Leo and satan...Hmmm...

Oney responds:

well yeah i said AROUND 2 years ago and the animation in this is fucking terrible compared to what i can do now.

not perfect

Now it wasnt hilarious, but since you havent made an animation in a while we all just needed a little fix of some oney goodness.