Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"


immortalecstasy u are soooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong this game rocks like my morning jacked(band) so immortal how do i say this.............. UR DUMB XD


Correct, this game isn't much like the other, it is rather fun though.If you could maybe make something more like the other, with instructions maybe, it would do great most likely.

The first was better

It's nothing like the original and I think you probably should have stuck with something more similar. While the game is probably good if you take your time to understand absolutely everything, with the first game you could just go ahead and mess around with your labrat, on this... well it's not even a rat, and it's all a bit... sterile. and not in a way that suits the game.


This game is cool, but i think the medals shold by on newgrounds medals


this game is good