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Reviews for "Depict1"


I'm bias for platformers so you already won me over with that part, but the way the game unfolded was brilliant. Even though the challenges were relatively easy, it required a bit of thought.

A platforming veteran like me could figure things out kinda fast, but you might turn some people away in the beginning by giving the wrong directions with little hint to the real directions. I had to fiddle with the keyboard for a minute to get it right.

Also, ending 2...great job.

Simply amazing

Great blend of platforming with puzzling. "Story" is reminiscent of Portal for some reason with the dude telling you lies. Controls are fluid and responsive and there are no collision detection issues. Looking forward to more!

I'd give this 11/10 if I could :D

got all the medals

I am FREE!

for half of the game, he was trying 2 kill me.
but then he took my form.
he pulled out an Anakin. he became what he was trying 2 destroy