Reviews for "Depict1"

Excellent experience

Would like to see a longer version on xbox live arcade or something like that. This is quality stuff!

One of the most fun games on newgrounds.

Really enjoyed it, it shows that players are conditioned to listen to what the game tells them and are surprised when it lies. The ending took quite a bit for me to figure it out, but it was worth it.

Very nice.

I like the whole 'We're oppressing you but making you feel like you're needed and, more importantly (Lie), unique and loved" feel throughout this entire game. and when THE END is not the end the game just says "Forget you then, good luck finding the truth in freedom" Then that last bit (After the last bit, more importantly so!) was the emotional icing on the mental breakdown of a cake.

I guess to get that truth you must do something you and your other shouldn't be able to do at all in this game.

PROTIP: That previous line was NOT a PROTIP

That was awesome~
^^ Loved the writing of the enemy all throughout. 0w0 So.. safe... >w< Creepy~!

It ddn't take long to realize I had to do (MOST OF THE TIME) the opposite of what he told me, and I even felt like this was somewhat mimicking the first Portal... but then you hooked me in. ^_^ Awesome game, nice sounds and look and feel, not to mention puzzles and gameplay, and I'd love to play it again and again~<3<3<3

Amazing game, but I'm gonna have to cut down on an old comment by Nula.

That is some hardcore projecting, man. The game makes no actual reference to anything you said aside from the shadowy figure being part of the main character, which is hardly compelling evidence for an allegory about depression or addiction or whatever some such. The game is very clearly about the comparisons between freedom and the risk that comes with it or confinement and the safety that comes in that (the safety being something you completely neglected to address despite it being a pretty big player in the narrative of the game).

Freedom comes with, as it pretty much implies, free will. Free will is often glorified and adored whilst we ignore the consequences that will brings. We will make the wrong choices sometimes. We'll be subject to outside forces we have no control over. We'll encounter horrible things because the very nature of freedom is a chaotic and ever changing landscape. The main character is of the opinion that the freedom of the self is worth these possible mishaps and the risks involved.

Confinement is what the narrator drives towards to instead. Why? Because it's safer to be in the cage. To be locked in means nothing can come in and get you, obviously. Outside forces have less of a chance to seep in through the walls. If someone makes choices for you, you don't have to worry if you made the wrong one. If you have no will, you also have no responsibility or expectation. The shadowy figure favors this, arguably out of fear.

Both are actually pretty viable options all depending on the kind of person you really are.

Trust me though, this has nothing to do with whatever problem you're projecting onto this. I'd recommend getting looked at.