Reviews for "Depict1"

I can't be bothered to write a review.

I'm totally pissed. But, this game is awesome, and deserves my 10. So much fun. So many awesome rewards. I love the narrator, and I loved the differences in the game.

Fantastic job.

I love games like this. Simple graphics, a simple concept, and really stellar platformer gameplay.

This is a neat video

this video has 0 interactivity, it also has alot of romance, and it has the best CGI graphics you can find out there, but it's a not so great video! also Press space 100 times to get the secret ending 2! *cough* :P

But really good game :D


It's like 8-bit portal. Loved it.

This game was awesome. Definitely made you think. Getting free was hard. It took me a while to figure it out. Then I did it, and I was soooo happy. It made me feel smart :D Nice job.