Reviews for "English Pub Pool"

A great change-up from the usual content on here.

By choice, I don't fancy myself an online pool player, or a card player; the real life excitement just can't compare to something creatd on a computer. However, I was impressed at how well this model of pool was done. After playing a quick match against a computer, I was able to appreciate the complex game mechanics behind this. The shooting mechanisms were superbs, and spot on, with added effects like spin, allowing the experienced player to add his expertise to the game.

Excellent soundtrack (who knew it could be so catchy?) as well as overhead view, smooth graphics, and amazing gameplay options to keep the player entertained for days upon end. And medals. Sweet, sweet medals.

Not for all tastes

I am going to say right now that I was just never good at online pool or any other kind of pool for that matter. I am a bit surprised that something with so many medals does not have more views. Some of the controls were a bit hard. I have actually always had trouble with games like these, because I am not sure how to get a good shot. I did well in terms of getting a good distance from the stick to the ball, but really flopped after a few tries. I think I could actually do a lot better at this in real life.

Oh my god it's HARD

I try 4 time to beat the last man in easy but I can't beat him !

Good game with a lot of achievement but impossible to get. =/

Didn't like it

It was overcomplicated and it took me a very long time to get used to the way of shooting. Sorry but this one missed for me.

NipponMonkey responds:

I don't think it's overcomplicated to take shots. All you do is aim with the mouse, hold down the left mouse button and move downwards to set the power.

It's a great way of taking shots as you do the same action for every shot, it's really quick and easy when you get used to it. You can add spin using the Arrows or WASD at any time too.

You can also change the Shot Style, you can use a Timer instead. You aim with the mouse again, but hold down the left mouse button to set the power. This method is great for the single shot Challenges!

good work!

good game with good music!
I like it!:)