Reviews for "English Pub Pool"

listen up

this is one of the greatest games made that 2d motion and the accuracy also the way it moves its beyond a simple game thanks to the ones who made it im out

A Pool Masterpiece

This is, by far, the greatest billiard sim that I've ever played.
The mechanics and physics behind this thing are spot on, giving it a precision that can only be fully appreciated by pool players, which is clearly evident in the challenge shots. Plus there's none of that guideline bullshit found in other sims.
The amount of modes, tournaments and trophies are enough to keep any pool fan coming back for more, and the beer counter was a nice touch. You've only got one song, which could have been a problem if it never got boring, but there's just something about that tune...
It's also a great experience to play with proper english rules, which have always been a bit fuzzy for me. But this has opened up a slew of games that I can take to the pool hall. That is, if I can find anyone that will play them with me.
This is truly a great, great game you've got yourself here. Thanks so much for sharing it on NG!

Too Granular and Bizarre AI

Maybe it's just me but the board size vs. the granular control is off. I feel the slightest half-pixel off and the shot is guaranteed to fail. While that might somehow provide "realism" to the game, it doesn't make it enjoyable. I've played the game for a couple days now and don't feel any closer to being better at it.
The AI is behind weird. The CPU in a game will scratch 3 times and then start doing 3-ball combos.
You can't combo for the win. Is that the rule in this version of 8-ball? What I mean is, if you have one last ball & the 8 ball, you cannot sink your ball and then the 8 ball in the same shot? If so, that stinks. I thought I was pulling off something really clever.

NipponMonkey responds:

In 8-ball it's always a foul if you pot your last colour and the 8-ball in the same shot. That's the rules of the game, world rules and UK rules. Any other 8-ball pool game you've played with different rules is wrong.

Check D.2 here: http://www.epa.org.uk/wrules.php

In 9-Ball it's possible to pot the 9-Ball at any point to win a frame, but not in 8-ball.

About the AI, the CPUs play each shot the same. They have an added bit of randomness for each shot to make them less accurate. So if they're being a bit unlucky, they'll miss more or if they are being lucky they'll pot more balls - like a real player. Sometimes you do well, and sometimes things just don't go for you.

I could make it so they definitely make a certain amount of shots each time they play, and not allow them to pot a certain amount of balls in a row, but that would be so predictable.

If the CPUs happens to keep getting really easy shots, balls close the pockets, then they'll probably make them most of the time. Pool is a strategy game, if you can't pot a ball on your current shot, then you have to try to make it difficult for your opponent's next shot - especially when you're playing the very best players.

Not a fan.

The controls for OMGPOP's pool are more user-friendly than these controls.

NipponMonkey responds:

There is hardly a difference between the controls. In this game you always move the mouse downwards using the power bar on the left to judge the shot strength. In the other game you move the cue backwards.

OMGPOP is a great game too, but it's really annoying when you line-up a shot and decide you need a bit of spin. You can't alter the spin with keys, like you can on this game, so you have to move the mouse to the spin control before lining up the shot again - that isn't very user-friendly!

wazz cookin

ok game ...