Reviews for "English Pub Pool"

Right on.

This is actually a lot of fun. I'm gonna stick with this one for a while. It's a different take on billiard games, and the change is especially refreshing. Medals too nonetheless. 5 and 10.

NipponMonkey responds:

Thanks @DJStroodle!

I'm glad the Medals have been approved too. It took a day or two - too bad they weren't there on release.

Rules all wrong

This is not any pool I've played before. The rules aren't right. You're meant to pot a colour and then stick with that colour throughout. And the foul rule is completely different.

NipponMonkey responds:

@Draego, that is what happens!

You must be playing the Straight Pool game, that is another traditional type of pool where every ball potted counts as 1 point and fouls cost you -1 points - this is one of original types of pool, as featured in the film The Hustler:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straight _pool

You're describing the 8-Ball game, try that game mode. Also, in the 8-Ball game mode you can change the rules to your preferred settings. In the UK it is normal to play 2-shots after fouls, but in the US you normally only play one shot - you can change that rule in the Pool Rules->Set 8-Ball Rules options. Other rules like where you can place the cue ball after fouls and can be changed too. The settings are saved automatically, so you only need to change them once.

I hope this helps.


Simple and sweet.