Reviews for "English Pub Pool"

Solid pool recreation

Quite like this game, plays accurately enough (could do with being able to get a lot more screw though), soundtrack is nice for a while and effects are good. Straight pool tourney seems broken though (opponent starts thinking for first shot and never ends) which kind of knackers up the whole ranking system.


This is a good pool game with lots of added games and challenges. The challenges and tournaments are very hard so I'd advise taking some Prozac first before you start ;).

Btw I love "The Sting" as your choice of music for this game.


this game blows since you can't see where the ball is gonna end up after your shot go to miniclip and play some 8 ball pool!!

I totally just

rage quit..
no game has got me that into it since bioshock

All I have to say is

Screw Wobbly Jeff in his cheatin' ass.