Reviews for "English Pub Pool"

- - - Controlls are horrible - - -

Would be more fun if I could actually place the cue, and shoot the balls, from the angle I want to.

NipponMonkey responds:

Dunno what you mean. You can place the cue ball anywhere you're allowed to. You can change the placing area from just the baulk to the full table after fouls in the Set 8-Ball Rules options.

You can shoot the balls at any angle you want, just aim and shoot!

well done

The physics are really good, best I've seen in a flash pool game, the balls behave just like they were on actual felt, and no random bounces off the bumpers, they actually follow laws of physics off the bumpers. Very nice challenges, and I just adore the music. Keep up the good work!

Physics: 10
Music: 10
Challenge: 10

NipponMonkey responds:

Thanks for the great review \(^_^)/


I love a good pool game (and there aren't many about), and i generally think you've done well...
Love the music too... :)

NipponMonkey responds:



did you use music from final fantasy 9 trento i believe?

Pool fan here

Great game, I love pool, and I loved this game.