Reviews for "Bear Bear"

Will always be my FAVORITE film.<3

i just loved it *,..,*

Thats a Bad bad crazy bear that needs blender treatmet

Very creepy and sure brings back memories of my childhood. Ended up watching a horror movie when i was 4 years old with something to do with a demon bear. Strangely enough, one of my stuffed animals was that exact same bear, so I was pretty much haunted by night mares for awhile.

Great work and love how you have children music in a creepy form.

it makes me fell about my littel bear when i was 4 and i was growing up and the when i was cleaning out my closet i found my bear and kept him and i still do to the vary day he is a bit ripped up and torn but i still keep him around. besides that i love this it brings back memoreys happy memoreys.