Reviews for "Bear Bear"

I was like . _______ .lllll

Holy fuck, never leaving my teddybear to the floor at night, creepy as it is, my teddybear's head can spin, it's one o' those old toys. But yeah, thi sure is creepy, and , sponsoring by mcdonalds, IM LOVIN IT ! :D

Creepy, but somewhat sad

I could relate to Bear Bear. Or my friend could

Her friends (or "pretend" friends) used to call her worthless, and that no one loved her. But she didn't go crazy when she was left alone.

She took it. But in time she learned it wasn't true. That is what Bear Bear needed to learn and get in his head.

I still feel sympathy for him, that's why I also call it say.

Anyway, nice piece of work.



Wow, I've never been so frightened in my life of a flash animation before. Good job!

Demented.. I love it!

Dear God, I'll never look at a stuffed teddy bear the same way again. Awesome!

Absolutely Brilliant

Fantastic animation, and effects.
Unless I'm just reading too much into it, this is not a story to be taken literally. It makes a statement about certain aspects of love, especially commitment. It dives deep into the psyche, showing that we often get caught in our darkest presumptions about those which we (attempt to) commit to. Showing that when we come to unsupported assumptions, we can end up only throwing away those who love us with the greatest of intentions.

5/5 10/10.
Keep up the good work.