Reviews for "Bear Bear"


BEAR BEAR sooo adowable......

Very, VERY good.

I liked it in general - there were not weak points in this animation. I like such old-type toys, so it suited me perfectly. :3
I also didn't expect it to become so creepy - it was a bit surprising. They way bear-bear "talked" was pretty good, too. The music suited the storyline and I liked the part when Ashley wakes up and finds out that Bear Bear is holding the picture.
But what I did not like is that Bear Bear was thrown away in the end. It HAD something to do with the picture, but you could somehow have explained (perhaps it was that it was like the pictures the toy was drawing when it attacked Ashley?)... It was the only confusing part and the only reason why I gave you 9/10 (but 5/5)


thank god i put my old toys in the addic :D


that creeped me out

I was like . _______ .lllll

Holy fuck, never leaving my teddybear to the floor at night, creepy as it is, my teddybear's head can spin, it's one o' those old toys. But yeah, thi sure is creepy, and , sponsoring by mcdonalds, IM LOVIN IT ! :D