Reviews for "Bear Bear"

I loved it. Great story and music. This is the best I have seen so far. But I found it on YouTube. Also scary.

Wow that was really touching. But really creepy at the same time. Nice job. Keep the twist plot too.

Muh-hahaha!!!! evil demon teddy i love it!!!!!!!!!

Awww, That lonely Bear made me weep, cuz his life is so sad :(
Anyways, the animation is Super great and their movements are smooth, so keep up the good work and write the PART 2 of this story :)

This animation is so well-executed and awesome. Kudos!

I especially liked Bear Bear's design, and the freaking disturbing music. It kind of reminds me of an upcoming game, Among the Sleep. When I finally get to play Among the Sleep, I am going to be sure to watch this beforehand to get myself all pumped for childhood horror. :3

5/5 10/10!