Reviews for "Bear Bear"

athletic girl and bear!

That bear had to listen to Barney? No wonder he became evil.

That's perfect! The animation, the story, 10/10!

It starts off cute, and than slowly turns into a horror. It has some comedy, but mostly drama. Graphics have a dark tone to them which helps play up the horror factor. Animation changes scenes often and still looks great.

Very nice

So this was really nice I love how this all starts off and has some really funny and "UNIQUE-CHARACTERS" I also love the "CAMERA" View-Shots on this and you made it feel like a real movie with all the different scenes and nice effects the rain was very realistic, so all in all a great film here and glad I watched it and reviewed it.

I honestly didnt see anything at all that needs changes but wouldnt mind more of these kinds of films now and then.