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Reviews for "Little Cannon"

Elementary laws of physics do not apply to this game... or were terribly implemented.
If a ball hits the ground diagonally and then, without hitting anything else, starts to bounce vertically for no particular reason...

It's too random. It's nearly impossible to set an exact path to the ball.

It good, now editor test mode was bugged, no menu in the bottom

I've noticed a little bit of lag while playing in addition to the physics being slightly inconsistent and the levels very difficult. One level in particular simply required an inordinate amount of waiting as your ball moved so damned slow. Others required two precision ricochet shots in a row that were just tedious. The presentation and music are fine but I just can't seem to enjoy this game that much. Maybe if it were easier to get used to the controls. If you could fire based off of the mouse's distance from the cannon it would be easier to play systematically, especially if the game showed the angle of the cannon as you aimed.

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