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Reviews for "Battle in the Sky"

Very Nice!

I could totally feel Vinnie's style in this video. Both of you guys have a wonderful imagination and the abilitiy to present it in such a way that it can capture the masses. This being front page material is no question. You deserve it. I hope to see future works from you soon, as you and Vinnie are truly talented animators that i'm sure many (including myself) will have their eye on for quite some time.

Just like all good boss battles,

He hit the exposed eye spot for massive damage.

This is subsequently one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!

Not bad dude. I like it, especially the music. Good thing I can speak two to three languages, heh heh.
Like I said in the title, this is now in my favorites. The animation was good and the the theme matched the mood perfectly.I like your style.

Really great Animation but...

The government is so underfunded that they take a whole bunch of random kids off the street, strap them up with guns and armor that they store in dumpsters, and put them in charge of a massive multi-million dollar flying ship and expect them to defeat an army of advanced AI? Eh, these animations aren't supposed to make sense I suppose, but... wow...

kik ass!

the picture was alright the fluidity was great and the story was awsome