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Reviews for "Battle in the Sky"

it was simple

but amazing i liked the whole future robots turning against humans it will happen it's just a matter of time


it was nice with great animation, but the music was kinda annoying after a while and did not suit the video, if you used voices and rock music with action sound effects. this would of been one of the best videos on newgrounds so far. would of only taken a little bit more work just adding voices, sound effects and better music, but other than that, i guess the animation is ok

Simple and entertaining

I could not find anything wrong with this movie. I did not understand the language of the song but the flow was nice and complemented the movie as a whole. For an early work you've truly outdone yourself.


I saw the "Vinnie-like" like animation as soon as it began and I had to double check the author for a sec lol. Great to see vinnie is still well I can't wait to see more from you very good job!


I loved it, and would really like to see you animate some more in the near future! The animation was excellent, I liked the art style, and it was overall just entertaining to watch. Keep it up! :D