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Reviews for "Battle in the Sky"


this was pretty fun to watch :D


This video was very pleasant to watch. There were lots of little gags here and there, but it maintained a sort of seriousness. It kept my attention but I was in a dull haze. It was relaxing and entertaining all at the same time. I really liked this. The beginning looked very gritty and I was expecting something with full-blown epic battle music. But this really surprised me. I look forward to the next animation you make. ^-^ Even if it's not gonna be for awhile. 10/10 stars. Rated 5/5.

Good Place to Start

I find it disheartening that you won't be animating in a long time because for a first effort.... wow. The animation wasn't beautiful and the characters didn't speak, but it all felt like it was part of the mood set by the theme. Everything seemed to flow just right and you couldn't "hear" the plot but you could feel it there. I'm greatly impressed and excited to see something new from you some time in the future. Well done :)


nice animation battlers r kewl.

Weapons, Armor, Stuff

I absolutely love this. I can tell you knew what you wanted this to be. You wanted to create a mindless, playful battle in the sky with huge freakin' airships and robots. I've never seen a more literal title.

You didn't add a half-assed plot, which I applaud you for leaving out, and the animation was very smooth for something that appeared to be hand drawn.

Ultimately, this reminded me of having LAN parties in Halo back in the day. Aw, now I'll have to pull out my Xbox and phone a few friends. Thanks a lot! Nine and five.