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Reviews for "Space-ninja"

an O.K. game

good but not good enough


good game!

Good game, glitchy, though.

This game is fantastic, but there are a few deals of technical issues. This game freezes on me a lot. Maybe this is because of my laptop, but I don't think so, because I've run games with a lot more stuff going on this this retro styled game. And if you stop playing, there's a "continue" button on the main menu. That should get me to where I was playing, but instead makes the cursor go away, and none of the buttons work. I had to restart a entire new game just to get back to where I was, and when I got there, it froze. This are things that I think can be easily fixed. But game wise this game is AMAZING. So much fun. The technical issues are the only thing that keeps this from being a 10.

I really enjoyed it the first time, but

I really was enjoying this game, but at some point I had to go... Today I came back to play some more and I can't get any of the buttons on the main menu to work except "play more games" which just goes to the Newgrounds homepage. Very disappointing, I'm sure it's a bug, maybe you can fix it? My rating is not affected by this, by the way, I played it enough to know that it's a good game.

My black cat wanted to watch me play

This game is fully endorced by Basement Cat