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Reviews for "Space-ninja"


Pretty good game, i got the high score :D

Very good

here's a few protips:

For the "Peace Keeper" Medal, you only have to worry about not killing the grunts (The red, gun-toting enemies pictured on the medal) You can blast any other enemy to kingdom come.

The vertical shaft levels are the easiest to score the "speed freak" medal in.

but I have to ask the developer: Why in the world was the "True Ninja" medal removed? there's not even a secret slot for it!

Simple...too simple

Game was pretty much boring to play, there is nothing new about this that I haven't seen before. Plus the Medals were too difficult for anyone to obtain.

The Twosday Coder's review

Space Ninja is a simple, good and fun action game.
You play as a ninja dude who can shoot laser beams and wallkick.
There are about four types of enemies in the game, plus a boss at the end.
This game reminds me of another similar flash game, but i don't remember what it's name was.
How hard it is to finish it depends on what NG medal you're aiming for.
I mean, the game normally is quite easy, and thanks to the infinites lives and the checkpoints, it doesn't take more than half a hour to clear the game in a "casual" run.
Collecting all the gold is also easy, as long as you are careful not to get yourself in a situation where some gold ends up being impossible to get.
If you want to beat the game without dying, only the last level before the boss will give you some trouble, because of the two monsters at the end.
And then there's the "Peace Keeper" medal. The most hard and frustating of them all. Trust me, i got this one, while losing some of my sanity in the process.
You see, there are a few spots in the game where you find enemies inside very small tunnels. Succefully jumping over them is sometimes a matter of luck.
The final stage also gets a LOT harder if you try to just dodge the enemies.
The worse part is that the Peace Keeper medal only gives you 25 points for your troubles. How rewarding.

Protip: The final boss isn't very hard. For whatever reason you can quickly kill it's second form by shooting the things at the side of the exit object. o_ô

@ the developer:
I am currently the second place at the game's score table (Name: Yoritoshi) and i got more than 3000 points during the game, yet i didn't get the True Ninja medal... =(


great platforming with spot on controls and responce geat 8-bit graphics with an epic soundtrack but the final bos is just overkill