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Reviews for "Space-ninja"

Ninja in space

the pixel animation went perfect with this game, the 8-bit music was really good, very fluent, and very fun :0)


Nice, short and simple! I love how the only thing to do is just go around each level, collect gold and shoot the enemy! Nicely done! also, I love the Atari-style graphics and music! Something that Newgrounds is best at nowadays.

Love it

Great concept first of all. It was simple, fun, and challenging. I happen to find joy in retro graphics in some cases and this one was kind of stylized like that. The controls were indeed just run and jump but the wall-jumping kept it simple and still fun so pretty much anyone can play it and have a good time. The music was fantastically composed 8-bit bliss and the tune that goes to the last boss fight fit just well, and speaking of the last boss it was well worth the time. Everything was well done and I absolutely love this!

Star Guard?

It's a shit star guard, I don't get how you could take it and make it your own. Try to be original.

likeing the misc

likeing the misc