Reviews for "Space-ninja"


i thought it would be boring it was and space ninja what kind of freaking name is that this is ridiculous

It was ok.

Reminded me of Tron, without the Tron bikes :D

Poor game..

Boring, repetitive, just very dull to play, I lost interest very quickly. Controls are difficult as well.

that was epic

one of THE best games i have ever played its got the retro type feel and it doesent have the gay controls of other ninja games were youve got to constantly press the arrow keys to wall jump just awesome

Love the game!

Good game, decent gameplay,
i only took off points because you can only shoot horizontally, it would have helped a ton if you could shoot up and down.
i also took off because of the lack of original design. like spooksenior said, some of the content was from star guard, but i suppose it's too late to fix anything now.
one question i have is who made the music for this game?